The quick nitty-gritty of what Hey is.

The way we communicate is changing. Facebook busted down the doors to the digital social sphere. Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram followed in its footsteps and further blurred the lines between one’s private life and the public eye. But that’s been changing. Private social networks keep popping up, promising high-end encryption, no ads, and communication with only the people that matter, but end up faltering because the social aspect of social media is lost in the process.

There has to be a stepping stone in between, a place where people don’t have to compromise privacy to connect with one another. A place where users create their value.

That’s why we created Hey. We provide all the broadcasting opportunities of the giants while giving structure to the overflow of information, so communication scales naturally to suit your needs. What this means is that you can talk to whole communities or to just your friends without losing anything in the process. What this means is an overhaul of how we use social media to connect with one another. Instead of throwing posts out into the ether and depending on hierarchies built from artificial numbers, we’re bringing back meaningful connection and cooperation.