Does Hey work on mobile? If so, how?

You’re in luck! You can currently access Hey on all mobile devices. We’re in the process of preparing the complete, polished version of the online extension, and a full mobile extension is in our 2019 roadmap. In the meantime, there’s a beta version of mobile access available. This allows you to see friends’ comments and to use Hey on sites for which owners have already partnered with the platform. Answers are already available on the road. Not while driving, please.

Is Hey free?

For you? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

How does Hey handle ‘fake news’ and bad behavior by platform users?

Oh, the joys of a modern world. The Internet is an incredible tool—expanding globalization, facilitating innovation, and fostering community. And yet, it has its drawbacks. The speed and sum of ‘fake news’ making its way around the web is overwhelming and can often prove dangerous. We’ve incorporated features like the Overwatch, which allows reputable users (those with a certain number of Karma points) to report others for inappropriate behavior on the extension, including hate speech and threatening dialogue, among other activities. Reported users will then be put ‘on trial,’ where a select number of reputable users will decide whether or not the report is justified and, if so, suspend or otherwise penalize the defending user.

What are Karma points?

Let the gamification begin. Karma are points you earn for creating valuable content on the platform—adding comments, answering questions, flagging scams, et cetera. The more Karma you can acquire, the better. This is because Karma reflects your reputation on the platform.

Where is Hey located and how can I get in touch?

Well, technically, we’re everywhere. Funny how terrifying the Internet can be, isn’t it? As for the team, we’re on site in Brussels. Second to none (note: in order to increase our cool factor, we have excluded Silicon Valley, Zug, alongside all other tech cities—not to worry, we recruited hard and pulled the best people to Belgium). If you’re looking to send us some sweet goodies, we’re at Rue Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23, 1050 Brussels. Phone is +32 2 896 58 55. Team email addresses are on their page of our site, but general messages can be forwarded to [email protected] We’re all ears.

Is Marc Jacobs the Marc Jacobs? If so, what is he doing at Hey?

He is not. Unfortunately, we got stuck with the fake Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs the imposter. Bit of a downer, considering most of the team signed on for the free hand bags. You win some, you lose some.