HEY token sale

Please note that figures on this page are subject to change up until the public Token sale start date.

Token Sale

The token sale will launch in April 2019 using an ERC20 token standard. We will release a fixed number of 500 million HEY tokens for public sale. The remaining token supply will not be made available for sale, with 30% allocated to the rewards pool and the rest elsewhere, as outlined below in the Token Distribution table.

The token sale will end either by the end of April 2019 or, if prior to this date, when the 500-million-tokens hard cap is reached. At this time, the smart contract acquisition (ICO) will be closed. Token buyers will have the possibility of keeping their HEY tokens in any ERC20-compatible wallet until further exchange listings are secured.

Smart contracts

All smart contracts related to the ICO have been made open-source and can be consulted here.

Please note that these smart contracts are ultimately the only binding agreement between ICO participants and the Hey team. The below sections aim to best reflect elements that have been directly implemented within these smart contracts by means of code.

Key Token Parameters

Key token parameter






Token standard




Total supply

1,000,000,000 HEY (of which 50% available for sale)

Key ICO Figures

Key ICO figures


ICO start

April 1st, 2019

ICO end

April 30th, 2019 (included)

Supply for sale

500,000,000 HEY

Currencies accepted



4,000 HEY = 1 ETH

Minimum contribution

0.1 ETH

Soft cap

100,000,000 HEY (20% of hard cap, 25,000 ETH)

Hard cap

500,000,000 HEY (125,000 ETH)

Early Adopter Incentives

So as to reward early adopters of the Hey platform, the smart contract will allow for the following incentives in days before and during the ICO:


HEY bonus

Minimum contribution



50 ETH



500 ETH

ICO day 1


10 ETH

ICO (after day 1)


0.1 ETH

Further pre-sale discounts will be considered depending on participants' willingness to vest their tokens for a given time period. To participate in the pre-sale, kindly contact us at presale[at]hey.network.

Token Distribution





Public sale

Available for sale at the Token Distribution Event (ICO).



For users rewards purposes.



Locked up over a 3 years period with a cliff after 1 year, to guarantee the Hey team’s complete involvement in the project.



Regular payoffs to translators, designers, marketers, and early contributors who help build the Hey project.


Early investors

Locked up over a 2 years period, proportionately to their initial investment (from EUR seed round).



Locked up over a 2 years period, to experienced professionals who provided their time and advice.

KYC Process

The ICO KYC process relies on industry standards and aims to guarantee the quality of the initial community. At the moment of writing and due to legal restrictions, all countries are welcome to participate in KYC except for Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, South Korea, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, the USA, Vanuatu and Yemen.

Please note that ICO participants are invited to fulfil their KYC process before the ICO starts, so that they're able to benefit from the bonuses in place during the first day of the ICO. The Hey team can indeed not commit to guaranteed KYC processing times as this will depend on the number of requests to handle.

Transfers and Exchange Listing

Tokens will be made transferrable as soon as the ICO closes.

The Hey team will initiate discussions with potential exchange partners in order to secure a listing in the months after the ICO's end. Having an efficient exchange will be key to fulfilling the Hey vision of circular economics—where advertisers can buy tokens in exchange for ads displays, ultimately contributing to the rewards pool.

Unsold Tokens and Post-ICO Token Allocation

After the ICO closes, potentially remaining unsold tokens will be transferred to the distribution Pool (which will furthermore be endowed with 30% of the Total Supply).

As indicated in the Tokenomics section of the Manifesto, the Hey team will distribute a predetermined portion of the Pool to Hey’s most active and credentialed users after the ICO is closed, on a periodic basis. HEY token distribution will subsequently be ported to the Blockchain.

Token Acquisition Summary

The sections above, as well as previously noted in this Manifesto, outline the 3 ways one can obtain HEY tokens:

  • Buying them during the ICO

  • Buying them on exchange platforms after the ICO

  • Earning them through our reward and referral programs