Key features

The cool stuff

To make it easy, comfortable, and safe to use, we’ve developed a series of key features.

Social Media Must-Haves


Notifications allow you to swiftly reply to comments on your posts and stay up to date on the discussions you follow. They are integrated to your browser so you can also choose to receive them via email.


Hey allows you to follow other users and build your own customised news feed, as on any other social network.


Likes are a must! Hey incorporates an up-voting system so that the most relevant comments are more visible.


Of course, emojis! 😝😯😸 The most frequently used from across the Internet are all included in Hey’s first version.


Right after you install the extension, you can look at your activity history — be it comments, likes, or posts.


Channels allow you to browse discussions and comments by theme or trending topic. You can follow your favorite channels do you can get exactly the content you want.


In your profile, you will have the opportunity to list topics of interest and highlight specific skills you possess. This is how you build a solid reputation, make an impact, and ultimately get rewarded.



You will be awarded a trophy each time you reach a milestone (e.g. when you receive your first 10 likes). Hey’s most revered trophies will be awarded to those users with the most extensive community reach.

We are currently developing developing this functionality, so you won't be able to visualize trophies just yet. Still, your impact will be measured from your registration date forward, so they'll show up on your dashboard later on.


The higher your impact on the Hey network, the more privileges you are entitled to. While most functionalities are already available — or will be quite soon — new developments will be released as the platforms evolves. Privileges and other rewards will be added to your profile as they become available.



The Hey Community can assess peers based on what they post and how they behave.

Are you pleasant and easy going? You get a “Friendly” vote. Are you helpful and willing to spend time helping others? You might get a “Teacher” vote. These votes are public and build up your credibility.

On the other hand, users can also report bad behavior. You aren’t respectful? Trolling others? Beware of “Toxic” votes!

Please consider that we take “Toxic” reports very seriously. They are automatically screened by our HAC system and subsequently reviewed by a qualified team of Hey users (see Chapter Community Curation). If the review board finds the report illegitimate – e.g. you have maliciously reported another user – you will lose credibility points.


HAC System

To protect our users from potential cyber attacks, we’ve created the Hey Anti-Cheat (HAC) System. HAC incorporates a set of tools we developed to safeguard your data and rewards. We’ll use HAC to mitigate toxic and illegal behavior.

The HAC System is more thoroughly explained in the following chapter, Community Curation.


Code Snippets

We built this for you, dear developers, so that you can attach snippets to your discussions and comments. Snippets are available in the current version.